Squadron 2

Squadron 2 is FAA (Part 141) approved flight academy located at Reid-Hillview airport, San Jose, San Francisco. This airport has sunny weather for flying throughout the year as a result flying training can be done in reasonable short time. This airport has Control Towers with dual runways and night flying facilities. Squadron 2 has sufficient number of aircrafts such as Cessna-152, Cessna-172, Cessna-182, Piper Cherokee PA-28, Beach Duchess BE-76 and Piper Seneca PA-34. There are many airports in the vicinity with adequate NAV aids such as VOR, NDB and many of the airports have ILS so there are no problems regarding 100 NM Cross Country & Instrument flying. Squadron 2 has been into operation from so many years and they have trained many Indian students in the past as a result they are well versed with Indian (DGCA) rules and regulations. Squadron 2 has sufficient number of well experienced flight Instructors to ensure best quality of flying. CWAT has an official tie up with Squadron 2 and shall ensure that the students will get complete CPL package, at reasonable cost, in shortest possible time, without compromising with the quality. Squadron 2 has in house FAA examinations centre for both PPL & CPL written exams. Squadron 2 has two simulator installed within the school.

Total Hours :-

  • Single Engine flying on (C-152,C-172 & PA28) : 202 Hours
  • Multi Engine on Piper Seneca PA-34 : 15 Hours

Student will fly Total 217 Hours of flying out of which 202 hours on Single Engine Aircraft & 15 hours on Multi Engine Aircraft. The entire programme is defined

Single Engine Flying :-

  • Solo flying on C-152 : 133 Hours
  • Dual flying on C-152 : 50 Hours
  • Dual flying on C-172 : 35 Hours
  • Dual flying on PA-28 : 17 Hours
  • Dual flying on PA-34 : 15 Hours

Out of 117 hours of dual flying, student shall do atleast 30 hours of Instrument flying apart from 10 hours on Single Engine Simulator which ensures 40 hours of Instrument flying.

Multi Engine Flying :-

Student will do 15 hours of actual flying on Piper Seneca PA- 34 which will ensure FAA Multi Engine endorsement and entire Multi Engine flying shall be done as per DGCA rules & regulations.

  • 15 Hours of flying on Piper Seneca PA-34
  • 10 Hours of Simulator (Multi Engine)

Total Hours :-

  • 235 Hours on Single Engine.
  • 15 Hours on Multi Engine.

Total flying :-

  • Single Engine & Multi Engine : 250 Hours
  • Instrument flying: - 50 Hours (30hours of actual, 20 hours on simulator)

Payment Schedule:-

Total cost of entire flying training which includes 217 hours of flying and all written exams, check ride fees is $ 45000 USD.

Payment schedule shall be as follows. It is strictly advised to deposit first installment at Corporate Wings & Aviation Technology Pvt. Ltd or Squadron 2 before departure from India.

  • 1st instalment at 00:00 hours of flying : $22,500 USD
  • 2nd instalment at 100:00 hours of flying : $22,500 USD


Charges are approximately $ 700 USD per month on twin sharing basis.
Ten month of stay & one month security: - $ 7,700 USD
Total cost of entire package including 10 month stay & one month security: 45,000 + 7,700 = $ 52,700 USD.

Note :-

  • The entire package includes TSA fees, Headset, Uniform (3 shirts), Logbook, Flying kit, Ground Classes,Books (study material).
  • Squadron 2 shall pay for PPL, CPL, IR written examination fee only for 1st attempt.
  • Squadron 2 shall pay for check rides fee only for 1st attempt, If a student is not able to pass his/ her check rides in 1st attempt, for the next attempt student shall be responsible for check ride fees.
  • If a student does not meet FAA requirement and he/ she needs to fly more hours then they have to pay additional fee according to number of additional hours they fly.
  • The entire package cost may vary subject to cost of fuel prices (AvGas).
  • Pickup of student upon first arrival.

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