Private Pilot License - Aeroplane

The Journey Begins Here...


The First Step

Private Pilot License is essentially the first pedestal in the process of becoming a commercial pilot. For some its a venture into the aviaition world to fly their own planes, go places where its impossible to go by land. Obtaining this license also bringsforth the big oppurtunity to take your friends and family for scenic flights and go to places faster and easier without the hassle of getting through day to day traffic.

The Training

Our highly qualified flight instructors put their best efforts to train students in an interactive step by step learning process set up by them. Training is done according to the standard operating procedures and policies defined by the academy.



  • Age : 17 Years and above
  • Medical : Indian Requirement - Class 2 Medical
    Canadian Requirement - Category 3 Medical

Transport Canada PPL Minimum Requirements

A minimum total of 45 hours of flying experience including:

  • 17 hours dual, including 5 hours Instrument Training, 3 hours dual X-country
  • 12 hours solo , including 5 hours solo X-country
  • A minimum of 40 hours ground school – Including instruction on Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, and General Knowledge.
  • Transport Canada Written Exam - PPL Aeroplane
  • Transport Canada Flight Test

Type: Full Time / Part Time

Duration: 4 months (Full Time)* / 6 months (Part Time)*

* The given duration is based on an average course completion rate. The training is done at students pace and progress.

Course Expense

The hours used to calculate the course expense are not based on Transport Canada minimums. They are calculated according to realisitic training time required by student to obtain their License.


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