We, at CWAT are an one stop shop for all your licensing services namely,

  1. PPL And CPL ( Canada and USA )
  2. Type Rating ( Greece, Italy And Dubai )
  3. Visa Assistance, Insurance And Airline Tickets.
  4. Instructor Rating

Apart from the services mentioned above we also provide the services mentioned as follows :

  1. Assistance with the issuance of Computer Number And Roll Number
  2. Ground Classes for DGCA Examinations ( ALL SUBJECTS )
  3. Assistance with Class 2 and Class 1 DGCA Medicals: Initial And renewal
  4. Assistance with Category 1 Canadian Medical: Initial And renewal
  5. Issuance of Conversion of Canadian RTR to Indian RTR And Renewal of Indian RTR
  6. Renewal of Transport Canadian Booklet
  7. Issuance/Renewal of Indian FRTOL
  8. Assistance with the recency flying in India
  9. Issuance of Indian CPL on the basis of foreign CPL And Renewal of Indian CPL
  10. Issuance/Renewal of Indian ATPL
  11. Issuance/renewal of Type Rating on CPL/ATPL License
  12. Assistance with student Visa ( CANADIAN )
  13. Assistance with student Visa ( USA M1 )
  14. Assistance with the issuance of Schengen Visa
  15. Assistance with Canada, USA and Schengen Tourist Visa
  16. Issuance of Transport Canada ATPL.
  17. Assistance with IELTS Classes.

We at CWAT are always dedicated towards helping with any queries.

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