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CWAT Pvt. Ltd. has excellent arrangements with reputed flying schools in Canada and USA. We provide extensive and intense ground simulator and flight training. Most of the flying schools have flying instructors of Indian origin who are well versed with Indian D.G.C.A rules and regulations. They provide essential moral support, specially to students going for the first time.

Many graduates of these schools are already Captains and First Officers in various airlines in India. All Planes being used for Flight training abroad are in use in India and thus acceptable to Director General of Civil Aviation. There is no compromise on quality of flight training.CWAT offers the finest primary and CPL training, comparable to the best aviation schools around the world.


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I met Capt. Dogra in 2009 when a relative in the aviation industry referred me to him. Because of his and CWAT's help I was able to go to Skyquest Aviation Ltd. , Vancouver, Canada. The journey from my hometown, Meerut (UP) to Skyquest (Canada) was smooth because of CWAT and Capt. Dogra's help and guidance.Skyquest was an amazing experience which helped me reach where I am today. The exposure I faced there to different weather and geographical scenarios made flying fun whilst learning. For all the newcomers joining CWAT and going to different countries for flying, my only advice is to work hard, chase your dreams and respect your elders.To Capt. Dogra, THANK YOU for all your support, guidance and constantly motivating us to follow our dreams.

Abhijeet Singh
FO - IndiGo

Hello, I'm Captain Ankur Nijhawan, senior Captain with Indigo. I did my CPL through CWAT in 2007 in Journey Air, Windsor and Blue Bird Flt Academy, London, Ontario. Capt Dogra was always helpful and reachable through e mail/ phone. He also helped and assisted me in my license conversion paper work and flight checks once I came back to India. I am the first student to complete CPL from Blue Bird Flt Academy. I started my career in 2008 as a First officer on CRJ200 . I am also the first student of CWAT to become a Captain in 2013 on CRJ 700 aircraft with just 2090 hrs of total time in Alliance air. I thank Capt Dogra and CWAT for all their help and assistance in helping me live my dream.

Captain Ankur Nijhawan

I am not great with words but CWAT : I joined them in 2015 it was like a family at that time still is ,especially CAPT.DOGRA being a amazing human and teacher helping me reach my goals not just career wise but in real life as well . Thankyou for everything sir and cwat

Mr. Nimit Kaushik
FO - Spicejet

Cwat has been the guiding light in a storm for me and has always helped me with a systematic guidance. Capt J.K. Dogra has helped me throughout my career with expert counselling and vectored guidance. Will always be grateful to him and all staff at CWAT who have provided excellent service with DGCA.Thank you sir we are lucky to have you.

Mr. Pathania
FO - Indigo

Hi , I have a great experience with cwat . It's been more than 10 years when I meet Capt dogra and after that my life changed from dream to achiever. By following the guidelines of Capt dogra I did cpl from Canada . And now I am working for Air India as a pilot. Thank you Capt dogra and cwat


CWAT India was and will always have a very Special place in my Career. Capt JK Dogra has been a great inspiration in my life not only as a mentor but also as a Pilot and a human being. He will consume himself as a candle to light way for his students. CWAT as a whole team is very efficient and very well versed of all the rules and regulations, requirements to have a successful career as a Commercial Pilot in India.

Capt. Survesh Chodnekar
FO - Air India
Boeing 777

Today, sitting on the left seat of a commercial jetliner, no doubt a position of extreme responsibility, somewhere I had only imagined to be, made possible only through the thorough training I received. A big thank you to all my learned instructors and CWAT that I'm here today, not just imagining it!

Capt Kush Kaul
Captain - Vistara(Boeing 737NG)

I started my training in the year 2007 with CWAT. The quality of training here is commendable. Here I attended the DGCA CPL Classes and because of the fantastic Instructors I was able to clear the DGCA Exams in a single attempt. Because of the close coordination of CWAT with the DGCA, I was being assisted by the officials of the institution to get my CPL issued from the DGCA. The institution has got knowledgeable instructors which trained me for the airline recruitment examinations, and I'd like to give the credit to CWAT for preparing me for the airline recruitment exams and today I'm working as a Trainee First Officer in Go Airlines (I) Pvt. Ltd. I would like to personally express my heartfelt gratitude to Capt. JK Dogra for being a mentor to me as well. He's taught many things in terms of Life and on the Professional Front with the help of his vast experience in Aviation Industry and Life. He's been supporting me all the times (irrespective of the situations) through out my journey of becoming a Commercial Pilot. I strongly recommend CWAT for all types of Airline Training(s). Thanks.

Mr. Akshay Sharma
FO - Go Air

Capt. Dogra's guidance has constituted an important role in my career. After clearing my CPL exams, I was searching for a flying school best suitable for me. Previously I had also contacted few schools representatives in India, like Dean and all, with whom I was not at all convinced. For eg. The Dean guy forced me to go to US before even giving my CPL exams. All of them seemed like fooling me to make money. It was extensive amount of Google search that saved me. Then somehow I got contact of capt. Dogra and enquired about flight school. He called us to his office, and this was the first time I could really see a genuineness in the representative of a flying school. And since then he has always guided me. Not just for the flying training period but even after that whenever I had some query, he was always there. CWAT made all the arrangements for joining flying school. Arranged my Canadian VISA, and in May 2017 I went to Canada. Capt. Dogra even used to come to our flying school in canada every 3 or 4 months to see if everything was going well and to guide the students if they have any doubts. I completed my training in about 1 year. I came back to India in July 2018. He identified my potential and offered me a post of ground instructor in his training institute where I was teaching Navigation and Technical subjects, where mostly Airline Capt. were teaching there. During this period, Capt. Dogra helped me with all the license conversion formalities and paperwork and I submitted the docs to DGCA in Dec. In Feb 2019, I was selected in the CPL vacancy put out by spicejet, and in April 2019, I was selected with AirAsia. In July 2019, I cleared my ATPL written and oral in first attempt. All thanks to Capt. Dogra and CWAT for their correct guidance at correct time. I will be always indebted to you. Thankyou Mr. Dhruv Ahuja
FO - Air Asia


Corporate Wings and Aviation Technology is one place that has all aviation related solutions. Capt Dogra has been a blessing to me and my carreer. I had nobody in aviation, neither did I know any procedures but Capt Dogra helped me at every footstep to achieve my goal and become a successful aviator. Thanks to CWAT and Capt. Dogra for getting me where I am.

Mr. Lakshay Arora
FO - Vistara

Words cannot express as how grateful I am to Capt Dogra without Sir I would not have the opportunity to live my dream. It is all thanks to Sir that I got my license from the Dgca after a period of 7 years and then a job after 8 years. If you want to make your dream come true there is no place like CWAT The team is very professional and very helpful. Let CWAT help you make your dreams Soar.

Capt. Shiroy Rummy
FO-Air Asia