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  1. Application for issue or Conversion of CPL with IR or Without IR
  2. RTR_Form[1]
  3. RTR Renewal Form
  4. 100 hours Solo flying certificate
  5. 50 hours 100nm cross country certificate format
  6. Instrument flying records _ Min 40 hours
  7. 300 nm cross country certificate format
  8. 250NM Cross_Country by day format
  9. 120 nm cross country by night certificate format
  10. 05 hrs solo by night & 10 Take off and landing certificate by night
  11. 5 hours of instrument flying within last six months
  12. CA-39 form.pdf
  13. CA-40 GFT by day/ night single engine & multi engine
  14. New form both SE & ME Instrument Rating
  15. Multi Engine Ground School certificate
  16. Morse_Code certificate format new
  17. No Incident and Accident Report format
  18. Multi Engine Training Record Certificate

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