1) Why to become a Commercial Pilot?

It is always every child’s dream to fly like a bird and that is possible by becoming a pilot and fly those big metal birds. A fabulous, respectable career, in uniforms, with lucrative salaries, which makes it possible to kiss the skies and travel to different places and meet new people.

2) What is the eligibility to become a Commercial Pilot?

Minimum age:- 18 years at the time of issuance of Commercial Pilot License ( CPL.) Minimum Qualification:- 12th standard with Physics and Maths or NIOS (Physics & Maths) Medical Fitness

3) What are the Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) requirements to become a Commercial Pilot??

As above and in addition

  • DGCA examination,
  • English Language Proficiency and
  • The requisite number of flying hours. (minimum 200 hours)

4) What is Class 2 medical?

Class 2 medical certificate of fitness is required for Private Pilot License (PPL) and to have the file of a student generated in office of DGCA. For DGCA approved examiner’s list for class II medical kindly email us at info@cwatindia.com

5) What is Class I medical?

Class I medical is the prime requirement for eligibility towards the CPL. To seek initial/renewal medical date for class 1 please contact us or email at info@cwatindia.com.

6) What is SPL and its requirements?

SPL is a Student Pilot Licence
Minimum age: 16 years
Class 2 medical/CA 35
Minimum qualification- 10th standard and it's verification letter
Police verification
In house examination

7) What is Board verification and why is it necessary to do?

It is a letter/certificate from your Board verifying your academic record to be true. It is a mandatory document required when making an application for computer number (to DGCA). It is also required at the time of issuance of FRTOL and Indian CPL.

8) What exams are required to be qualified to obtain a CPL?

In case of flying training in India the following DGCA exams with minimum of 70 % marks are to be cleared with one exam called RTR with Ministry of communications as :-

i. Air rules & regulations
ii. General navigation
iii. Aviation Meteorology
iv. Technical ( gen & sp. )
v. RTR ( part I and part II )

9) Why to choose flight training in Canada and it’s advantages?

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has headquartered in Canada, in Montreal. Thus, flying standards there are very high due to strict monitoring by Transport Canada. In, Canada, one gets the experience of flying in all kinds of weather especially winter/snow and mountain flying. The cost is also comparatively cheaper than USA and India, besides ample number of planes are available and RTR examination is conducted in house which is convertible to Indian RTR as RTR-P without undergoing any exam (no part 1 and no part 2). This RTR P is valid for 10 years. TC written PPL exams are conducted in house and for TC CPL written exams one has to book a slot with TC office as and when the student is fully prepared for such written examination.

10) How to get Indian RTR on the basis of Canadian RTR.

On the basis of your Transport Canada CPL booklet (no temporary CPL endorsement) and Canadian RTR, one can get Indian RTR P issued by WPC and the validity of same shall be 10 years as per Canadian CPL Booklet Validity.

11) Why and where to do TC Class I medical before going to Canada?

It can be conducted in Delhi and Mumbai/ another place. CWAT has arrangements for Transport Canada class I Canadian medical in Dwarka. Usually, it takes 1 to 2 months to obtain Transport Canada Class I certificate from the date of receipt at Transport Canada office.

12) How to plan the Canadian student visa application formalities ?

CWAT is the one-stop solution for visa application after necessary details of information/ documentation/finances is provided by the students/parents . In all probability a student fulfilling all the requirements as required by HCC, shall get a Canadian visa but it is the prerogative of the Canadian High Commission to grant or not grant visa. All the formalities for visa in details are completed after one gets admission in CWAT.
Link- https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/study-canada/study-permit/student-direct-stream/eligibility.html

13) Is IELTS mandatory?

Yes IELTS is mandatory for student visa of Canada. HCC requires a minimum 6.0 bands in each and every section (Reading, writing, listening and speaking) of IELTS TRF report.

14) What is IRCC medical?

For obtaining Visa for more than 6 months one has to undergo IRCC medical. For medical Centre details kindly call/email us.

15) Weather in Canada?

It is not correct to say that weather is always bad in Canada. Whereas in winter, it does snow but Sky Quest Aviation Limited academy (SQA), where flying Training has been imparted by CWAT is located in Langley, Vancouver, where it does snow much other than during rains. Most of the students are able to finish their flying within 12 months.

16) Can a student work in Canada during their training?

Yes, one is eligible to work 20 hours, per week, after he/she is given a study permit. It is not advisable to work during flight training because it may extend your duration of the flying period.

17) Why to choose SQA for flying training in Canada?

SQA is Transport Canada approved flight academy which is into existence from last 17 years owned and managed by Capt. Ronald Reynolds who is Transport Canada designated examiner and Chief Flying instructor. SQA has got very high standards of flying and they have trained in coordination with CWAT about more than 250 students from India and many of our trained students are flying as pilots with all the airlines in India and abroad as well. SQA is beautifully located at Langley city airport which has a dual runway, ATC controlled and school is beautifully accessible with local city transport. School has 7 single-engine planes ( 4 Cessna 152, 3 Cessna 172), 2 multi-engine (1 Beech duchess and 1 Piper Seneca PA 34) and state of art flight simulator. SQA has in house TC approved PPL written examination centre and sufficient numbers of flying instructors.

18) Eligibility Requirements?

To be eligible for faster processing through the Student Direct Stream, you must:

  • be a legal resident living in 1 of the following countries
    • China
    • India
    • Morocco
    • Pakistan
    • the Philippines
    • Senegal
    • Vietnam


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