Airbus 320

CWAT Pvt. Ltd. has excellent arrangements with reputed flying schools in Canada and USA. We provide extensive and intense ground simulator and flight training. Most of the flying schools have flying instructors of Indian origin who are well versed with Indian D.G.C.A rules and regulations. They provide essential moral support, specially to students going for the first time.

Many graduates of these schools are already Captains and First Officers in various airlines in India. All Planes being used for Flight training abroad are in use in India and thus acceptable to Director General of Civil Aviation. There is no compromise on quality of flight training.CWAT offers the finest primary and CPL training, comparable to the best aviation schools around the world.

A candidate is supposed to have the following :-
  • Valid Passport ( Passport should be valid for minimum 1 year)
  • Current and valid CPL with multi engine endorsed.
  • Current and valid FRTOL
  • Current and valid RTR
  • Current and valid Medical
  • ELP endorsed.

Note :- Candidate wanting to go for Airbus A-320 type rating must have Multi Engine endorsement on his/ her Indian CPL with minimum 25 hrs. of multi engine experience out of which 15 hrs. should be on actual aircraft and 10 hrs may be on multi engine simulator.

Note :- Above package includes all above including 11 FFS sessions. If a student is unable to qualify for check rides and he / she are required to carry out additional training. In that case he/ she may have to pay extra for additional sim session.

If you fulfil all the above mentioned requirements, Please feel free to contact us on the following contact numbers and email ids :

Contact Numbers : 011-25080017 / 011-25080018 / 011-45684010 / 9310095580 E.mail :- , info@cwatindia.com,cwatindia@gmail.com Please find attached herewith Type Rating New Query form. Kindly fill it up and send back to me along with scanned copies of following documents:-
  • CPL with validity, Multi engine endorsement, instrument rating and ELP endorsement.
  • FRTOL copy.
  • RTR copy.
  • Class 1 medical. (CA-35)
  • Passport copy front and last and copy of Schengen visa, U.S visa or Canadian visa if ever issued.
  • Logbook copy front and last page.

We at CWAT are always dedicated towards helping with any queries.

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