Multi Engine Rating


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The Multi Engine Rating takes flying to a whole new level and experience. With this endorsement, a pilot, later on in his career can undergo type rating for the prestigious Airbus series. He also becomes eligible to obtain Group 1 Instrument Rating, also known as Multi Engine Instrument Rating.

The Training

As per the DGCA Guidelines

  • 25 hours of ground schooling
  • Must pass written exam
  • 15 hours of M.E. Flying
    • - 9 hours of day flying ( 3 hours of IF )
    • - 3 hours of night flying
    • - 1 hour Night Check : PIC ( U/S )
    • - 1 hour Day Check : PIC ( U/S )
    • - 1 hour IR Check : PIC ( U/S )


  • License : Private / Commercial Pilot License - Aeroplane
  • Medical : Indian Requirement - Class 1 Medical
    Canadian Requirement - Category 1 Medical

Transport Canada Minimum Requirements

There are no minimum requirements for this training besides holding a private or commercial pilot license

  • Transport Canada Flight Test

Type: Full Time / Part Time

Duration: 2 Weeks(Full Time)* / 3 Weeks (Part Time)*

* The given duration is based on an average course completion rate. The training is done at students pace and progress.

Course Expense

The hours used to calculate the course expense based on Transport Canada minimums. Any additional training required to meet standards will be charged at the applicable rates.


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