• CPL Multi Program 251.5 Total Hours
  • India Package # 2 Basic –2024
Private Cessna 152 50 Hrs (40 hrs Dual 10 Solo)
FAA Flight exam Cessna 152 1.5
Instrument Cessna 172 35 Hrs
FAA Flight exam Cessna 172 1.5
Time Building Cessna 152 90 Hrs Solo
Time Building Cessna 152 48.5 Hrs PIC
Multi Engine Commercial PA34-200 23.5 Hrs Dual
FAA Flight exam PA34-200 1.5
  • 251.5 Total Flight hours
  • 80 Hrs of 1 to 1 Ground School
  • Administration fee
  • Finger prints
  • FAA Student Pilot license
  • 4 Uniform shirts

All required reading and study materials

Private Pilot Books Instrument Pilot Books Commercial Pilot Books
PM2 ground PM3 Instrument Manual Commercial Oral Exam Guide
FAR/AIM Student Record Commercial Practical Test Standards
Aviation Weather / Services Syllabus Complete Multi-Engine Pilot
Pilots Handbook / Airplane Flying Handbook Instrument Oral Exam Guide Seneca Check List
Fuel Tester Instrument Pilot Test Standards
FAA Log Book C-172 Check List
Student Record Instrument flying handbook
C-152 Check list Oral Exam Guide
Private Pilot Syllabus
Practical Test Standards
  • Weight limit for the C-152 is 180 lb. per person
  • Package prices are applicable when package is paid for in advance or see payment schedule
  • Fuel surcharges may apply when fuel is over $4.50 per gal.
  • The above price reflects a cash discount; additional charges may apply with other payment methods.
  • 3 Written Exams
  • 3 Final Check Rides (examiner fee)
  • 3 TSA applications

Total price for all of the above $52,950.00

  • * This is not a guaranteed price. These prices are based on FAA minimums. Training hours are estimates based on pilot proficiency.
  • Students requiring additional flight or ground time will be charged at the hourly rate.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice

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