Indian Professional Pilot Program

We at the Corporate Wings & Aviation Technology Pvt. Ltd. (CWAT) offer a complete package for Commercial Pilot’s License training. We specialize in Pilot Training program and have affiliation with reputed flying schools abroad. These flying schools have been in operation for long time and excel in their training programs. Most of the flying schools have flying instructor of Indian origin and are well informed regarding Indian D G C A rules and regulations. A large number of trainees who have finished their flying from these schools are employed as Captains and First officers with different Airlines in India.

CWAT Pvt. Ltd. is more than 9 years old company and has trained close to 300 candidates both in Canada & USA. Many of the students trained by CWAT are already flying as First Officers and Captains in reputed airlines like Alliance Air, Indian Airlines, Indigo and Jet Airways." to " CWAT Pvt. Ltd. is more than 15 years old company and has trained close to 450 candidates both in Canada & USA. Many of the students trained by CWAT are already flying as First Officers and Captains in reputed airlines like Alliance Air, Indian Airlines, Indigo and Jet Airways.

CWAT Pvt. Ltd. is owned and managed by Capt. Jatinder K. Dogra who has more than 25 years of Aviation experience. He is presently flying as Senior Commander on Boeing 737 NG with one of the reputed airline in India. He is also type rated on Bombardier CRJ-200, Cessna Citation II, Beach King Air C-90, Piper Chieftains “Panther”, Cessna 404 “Titan” to name a few. Besides being a Pilot, he is an Aviation Engineer also and holds most of the engineering Licenses.

He has visited all the flying school in Canada, where CWAT Pvt. Ltd. has a tie up. He has met with the owner, Chief Flying Instructor, flying instructors and engineers in person. CFI's were interviewed, planes were inspected and their maintenance records were carefully examined. Only those schools were selected which met the required standards. This will not give only result in high quality flying for trainee pilots but will also be COST EFFECTIVE. Our aim is to save every single dollar of trainee where ever possible.

All the flying clubs are approved by Transport Canada as such they are acceptable to Director General of Civil Aviation office in India. All the planes being in use for flying training abroad are acceptable to DGCA and are currently flying in India. There is no compromise on quality of flying training. If some trainee Pilot does not achieve the standard expected by the instructors, he / she may have to carry out extra flying. Even after extra flying, if standards are not achieved, his/her flying may be discontinued. It is re-iterated that there would be no compromise on quality of flying and standards.

Most of our training facilities abroad have dual runways and are equipped with Instrument Landing system (I L S), V O R approaches, and NDB approaches. Airports offer controlled and uncontrolled airspace. All the facilities have fair amount of domestic traffic allowing good flying experience. All the facilities are night flying equipped.

Types of aircrafts available for flying training

Cessna 152 Single Engine
Cessna 172 Single Engine
Piper PA-34 Seneca Multi- Engine
Beach Duchess BE 76 Multi- Engine

Students will fly Cessna 152 (SE) and also some experience on Cessna 172.

Total flying on single engine aircraft : 185:00 hours
Total flying on Multi-Engine aircraft : 15:00 hours
Total Flying experience : 200:00 hours
Total Single Engine simulator : 10:00 hours
Total Multi-Engine simulator : 10:00 hours

Ground classes for PPL / CPL general subjects, RTR examination, Technical Examination on both Single Engine / Multi-Engine shall be in house.

Total Cost of Flying Training

Total Cost of flying training for both SE and ME along with 10 hrs of ME Simulator. : $ 41000:00 CAD Approx
Letter of Acceptance / Sponsorship Letter : (Non Refundable) : Rs. 25,000/- + 18% GST
Visa Facilitation Service Charges & Visa Fee to High Commission of Canada (Non Refundable) : RS. 20,000/- + 18% GST
Administration Charges (Non Refundable): Rs. 25000/- + 18% GST

NOTE: Above cost may change without prior notice and is subject to the fuel cost.

NOTE: Local Medical examination fee, PPL, CPL, IR check ride fee, License Issue, Examination fee, Air Tickets and Travel Insurance are to be paid by trainee in person.

Payment Schedule shall be as follows. It is Strictly advised to deposit first installment at Corporate wings & Aviation Technology Pvt. Ltd. before departure from India.

1st instalment @00:00 Hours Flying (before applying visa) :- $ 25,000 CAD
2nd instalment @100:00 Hours Flying :- $ 16,000 CAD

We at CWAT are always dedicated towards helping with any queries.

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