Mayank Malik

Congratulations Mr Mayank Malik on passing your private pilot license checkride at Squadron 2, USA.Dated: 3rd February 2020

Ananditta Dogra

Ms Ananditta dogra congratulations on passing Transport Canada Commercial Pilot License check ride . We all at CWAT are very happy and proud of you . Dated:16th October 2019

Saksham Goyal

Saksham Goyal on getting your Private Pilot Certificate today You’re halfway through achieving your dream of becoming a Commercial Pilot. Fly high ✈ Dated: 06th October 2019

Mayank Kushwaha

Congratulation Mayank Kushwaha on successfully passing your Multi-Engine Flight Test.Dated: 01st September 2019

Avineh Dogra

Congratulations Mr. Avineh Dogra on getting your Indian Commercial Pilot Licence . We, Cwat India are all very proud of your achievement and wish you all the best for your future.

Shubham Mhatre

Congratulations Mr. Shubham Mhatre on getting your Indian Commercial Pilot Licence. We, CWAT India wish you good luck for your future.


Congratulations Mr Rohit on getting your Commercial Pilot’s License!! at Squadron 2, USA.Dated:17th February 2020

Ishaan Sanil

Congratulations Ishaan Sanil for your first Solo Flight


Congratulations Dhruv for your first Solo Flight